how do I become super-human?

31 05 2008

Crap man!  i have to hand it to some of these super achievers out there.   What am I talking about?  I can’t seem to get anything of substance freakin finished!  Between the house jobs, working on the rentals, the website, or those inevitable life things its a wonder I ever finish anything.   But then again, some in the bike world like Bob Brown or Drew from Engin cycles are just freakin amazing.

I think they are endowed with super human powers.  Heck, they build bikes, work at real jobs, build a house or two in their spare time and it would surprise me if they brought home the bacon and fried it up in a pan too.

So, it’s either continue with my obsessive compulsive ADD life or hyper focus and let the house fall down around me until the city gives me a citation for five foot tall weeds like Burt Monroe’s house in the movie “the Worlds Fastest Indian”




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