Fight Back! with David “horowitz” Bohm

30 06 2008

Today’s installment of “fight back” is Serotta’s Paint program.

Here is the Jive assed shite lingo on their website…

“Serotta has the largest selection of custom finishes in the industry. We offer natural carbon and titanium finishes as well as twenty six colors of paint with a wide variety of unique paint schemes and decal options to choose from. Each of our bikes is meticulously finished in our Saratoga Springs paint shop with three coats of fine metallic clear for a deep 3D appearance. You choose from the SE and GS finish options offered for each Serotta Custom model or create your own Dream Bike where the options are unlimited.”

O.k. let me get this straight. 26 colors… WOW! with a capital sarcastic WOW!  that certainly must qualify as the ” the largest selection of custom finishes in the industry”  That is if you consider the “industry” to be Serotta and Huffy.

In my shop I technically have the ability of producing more colors than the human eye could differentiate. In other words that is somewhere around 10 million. A little like calling Fords colors of the year a custom car program. But hey, it gets better.

The price is awesome. Awesomely, stupendously, expensive that is. Now don’t get me wrong everyone deserves to make a fair rate for work performed. But you want your bike two colors with you name on the top tube and a head badge? Yes sir that will be $1200.00 dollars. That by the way is added to the 8,395.00 that they are charging you already for what is essentially a production bicycle that has about 700.00 of hard costs, not all that unlike the 300 dollar carbon special from Taiwan.

What I am getting at here is that probably a MeiVici is a fine bicycle but really….The marketing hype is so thick on this one, I would have to get my grinder out to get through it. 26 colors is all they can offer you? Decals? (stickers) Wan’t them to paint the Serotta name on their own bike? $395.00 Carbon tubes that cost 65 bucks a piece and 20 man hours later it becomes $8395.00?

I have a bridge for sale in Arizona….. cheap….Call me anytime.

london bridge in Lake Havasu, imported brick by brick




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10 01 2012
Can we talk about Serotta, please?

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