List of Bicycle frame painters

4 07 2008

This is a list I made up with the help of the framebuilders list.phred.  Thanks everyone!

Certainly by no means all the bicycle specific frame painters in the U.S.  but probably a good chunk of them.   I had to do some editing for those I could not verify were in business any longer or did not have a certain level of professionalism.  (i.e. they are on a free web account and paint in their upstairs bedroom)

Certainly the best in the U.S. reside on this list.   I do not know the work personally of half of these folks so please do your research accordingly.


Painter information




One response

7 07 2008

I’d just like to put my two cents out there for Duane Waller at ChesterCycles. Great guy that does good work. Prices are great and he uses eco-friendly paints (except the clear; unfortunately no eco-clear exists).

Few pics of “Pearl”. He did her up real nice.

Detail 1

Detail 2

Full profile (ignore the saddle position, it has since been fixed)



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