Show n’ tell friday 7-18-08

18 07 2008

On the framebuilders list there is a bit of a tradition now that we show what we are working on.  This is usually done on Friday.   Here is what I brought to class today.

I am working on the new Engin Bicycles seat post.   For you that do not know this is the first and only lugged seat post.   I am very excited about it.   I always felt weird about making an artisan frame and then plunking chunky CNC aluminum bits all over it.   Never seems to fit well.   This post is made of Reynolds 953 stainless steel, it is clean, pretty and light and the perfect addition to a custom bicycle.

For this one I am trying to match a theme I am carrying on in the stem.   Not to give away too much but I actually from time to time forge the lug to make it bend to my will!  That is why you see some of the discolorations and the like.

Stem that I have already prepped

Seat lug just lightly cleaned up

Seat lug, with major areas cut out and initial heating and bending

Same thing different angle

Further refinement.

Completed design,  just needs light cleaning

Well, that is show and tell for Friday the 18th.   Any questions?  Melvin is up next with a toad, I hope you all like that…..




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