Recumbent Hippies or Superhero’s?

21 03 2009

You know, you see them lurking in the shadows,  flying by you in a skin tight silver surfer suit (no I am not making this up).   Nobody knows who he is like any proper super-hero.   Then there is the grey wolf, A Tucson favorite.   No not a recumbent rider but is part of the same fellowship.   He howls.   Yep and sews his own cloths, has huge gears because he never goes up hill and always has a gallon of milk on his tool belt.   Wait….super-hero’s always have tool belts or at least belts.   It’s all starting to make sense.

Then there was this guy, I heard his name was Dave.   People called him leatherman.   He rode a cruiser all day,  never-ever sat down.  Built like a brick shit house and the best part?   Only wore a speedo…..ever….Mmmmm super-hero’s wear speedos on the out side of their outfits.

Then there is this guy….His name is Lesley.  I  see him a bunch though.   He has one gear….BIG and a sweet set of cutoff jeans.  Super nice, always has a wave, a bit like Wolverine on the X-men.

tucson orignial.

I found this guy on the Internet this week.   Not from Tucson sadly, but he seems to fit the hypothesis.   Most super-heros have to have a vehicle.  Wonder-woman has her invisible jet, Batman has all sorts of things.  This gent has a recumbobike

He has the boots too.  Every proper super hero needs boots.   But more importantly even more than military surplus outfit is the glasses.   A little like cyclops from the X-men but backwards.

So, there you have it.   Can’t be any other way.   These guys are modern super-hero’s or as close as we really get to it.  I am convinced.




One response

29 10 2013
josh stowell

i think this guy lives in seattle. He commutes in this little post apocalyptic recumbent rocket ship!!!

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