Frame building school

22 04 2009

I am very excited about this.

What I offer is one to one instruction on how to build your own frame.   Utilizing steel and three different methods of your choice,  Lugged brazed, fillet brazed and TIG.

The course is 10 days long and you will have full use of my facilities and personalized, individual instruction based on your needs.   Once your dream frame is completed I put a beautiful coat of paint on it for you and send it back to your location.  I have been a professional framebuilder for 15 years and I am sure I can help you meet your framebuilding goals.

I have started a separate blog to keep track of all the potential questions.   Please check out the sister blog at to your right or here.

Please contact me with any further questions you may have.

All the best,

Dave Bohm

Bohemian Bicycles

P.S.  Just two examples of finished student work.  There are many more on my flickr site.

I contacted Dave about teaching me to braze, He thought he could teach just about anybody including me. So I got on a plane flew 1500 miles stayed in a hotel down the street and worked with Dave for 2 weeks.He loaned me a bike to use while I was there. I cant say enough good things about him (youve all seen his work) He doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to teaching. He designs the course around your needs. Had a great time, highly recomended. its a little more $ but one on one is the way to go.”


Check out my new website:

Also a great blog showing the progress of a recent student:

CampagnoloDelta blog




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7 08 2010
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[…] mistakes. By then it will be summer 2011, where I’ve reserved a weeklong 1:1 seminar with master bike builder Dave Bohm in Arizona. I expect he’ll help me with finer, more advanced aspects of efficiency, quality, and design. […]

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