The price is what?

4 08 2009

What is maybe the second most popular question I get?  “How much does it cost?”   I thought that I would right a little ditty about it and I can refer this question to people instead of crafting it each and every time.

You tell me!   Really, I tend to work within the budgetary constraints of the client.   Custom bicycles are not only custom because framebuilders make them to size or for a particular purpose or a color but also to meet a price point dictated by the customer.  People are individuals and their ability to pay or needs wants can be very, very different.  If all you want is a purpose built MTB then I can help you.   If you want a masterpiece then I can help you.

Frames cost what they cost for all the standard reasons.   Materials, overhead and experience.   Nobody in this business charges drastically different amounts for bicycles that take similar amounts of time to produce and have similar material costs.  So shopping by price without any other consideration is comparing apples to oranges.

Yes, there are a few builders out there that charge exorbitantly low prices.  Usually newcomers who feel that they have to offer a low price to entice you the consumer to look past the fact they may have made ten frames and are still experimenting on you.  Overall though, prices are fairly common.  In fact, I saw a two framebuilders this week that have 3 years or less in this biz who are charging more than I am.  Guess a price adjustment is in order.

You should compare apples to apples in this business.  A well made but TIG welded, powder coated frame may cost 1100-1500.   It also takes 8 hours.   I just finished a fully polished lugged stem that took 16 hours.   Does the stem cost as much as the entire bike frame?  No.  But it cannot cost 250 dollars and still net any sort of profit for me.  That is why you may ask “why don’t we see X, it would be so cool!”  X usually takes too much time and is not commercially viable.   That is the cool thing about a custom framebuilder; we don’t work within the norm.  You want it we provide it and that is the beauty of this whole thing.

So, I would say I represent a great value for what I give the customer vs. the price.  I am always striving to exceed your expectations.  I guarantee that when you open that box with a spiffy new frame or bicycle in it your mouth is going to drop.

What does it cost?   I really can’t tell you until I know what it is we are going to make together.




One response

2 10 2009

Dave, blogs are great because they represent your opinion and leave room for other opinions. Sure, you are a very talented frame builder and I could not even compare to your craftsmanship level; however, suggesting that someone who has only built 10 frames is still experimenting on their clients is kind of a croc. That’s what I like to call stereotyping. I am that person that has only built 10 frames. All are riding great, people are happy with what they had me build. I don’t pretend to be someone who has decades of experience building bike frames, just keep my head down and pay attention to the details. Cheers.
Chris Boedeker

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