Über Bike #5

4 09 2009

Sorry about not posting more. It has been a grind to the finish. Most of the time when I get near the end I just put my head down and try and finish. No time for pictures and the like. Uber is basically done. Just some finishing left to do and then painting which will be quite intensive.

It is not like those videos you might have seen on You tube where Colnago bangs out 100 frames a day with all the precut stencils and 8 spray guns with every color available. It is tedious work. Enjoyable but many, many hours are spent masking, sanding, spraying and sanding some more.

The frame weighs what it weighs. Steel is not ever going to win the weight war anymore. But it is nice and light and for the entire package of frame, fork, stem, and seat post it weighs 2130 grams or 4.7 lbs. I just got the wheels from Jason at fairwheel today (thank you Jason) and they weigh with tires about 1600 grams or 3.5 lbs so I have about 5ish pounds or so for the rest of it to reach my target weight of 13.5 lbs.

Also apologize about the cruddy photos. My little point and shoot is always the greatest.

I will see you all after I crawl out of my paint booth cave in about a week and a half:)





One response

18 09 2009

Wow Dave, that looks stunning. Can’t wait to see the paint job!

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