Vomitus of bad taste….Decals!

22 09 2009

Yes, the offending decal.   That awful piece of plastic adornment that bicycle manufacturers heap on us.   Not once, not twice but 20 or 30 times on a single bicycle.

Are there many other consumer goods that assault us in this manner?  I always have this vision that the world will end when I see this rolling down the road.

Aston Martin side view2

Nobody in their right mind would be seen rolling in a supercar with the name plastered across it in all directions but men and women of generally good taste turn into the worst offenders of design when they zip up their gaudy walking billboards of advertising and mount a bicycle that would look right at home at the latest Nascar event.

Kind of like this:


Most of us don’t race right?   If we do, do we race for the actual company that makes our bicycle? then why the heck should we be advertising for them?  Why should we be throw away good, clean design for massive volumes of crappy block lettering.

Exhibit A:


I don’t even know who this Avanti company is.  Found it on the net but what do they think will happen one day?  That Alzheimer’s will set in overnight and I will have possibly forgotten I ride an Avanti and have to be reminded 13 times?  Will my clubmates forget that I ride an Avanti Quantum?  Will they say.   Jeez, I couldn’t tell this is an Avanti Quantum, if he just had it written on his seatstays I would buy that bike.   Who the heck in this day in age doesn’t know you can type Avanti bikes in a search engine and find it.   Nope they got to tell you it’s http://www.avantibikes.com

Please lets stop the indecency of the ugly bicycle.   Rules of thumb.   If you would not be caught driving in it.  If you would not wear it.  If you would not buy or hang it on the walls of your home and you would not even wish it on your worst enemy then DON’T RIDE IT!




5 responses

2 10 2009

Dave, This is pretty amusing. I counted the decals on a new Raleigh the other day. 22 times, it states Raleigh on the bike. It’s bad enough that you have to be reminded that you are on one of the worst bike companies of the modern age, but 22 times.

7 10 2009
J. C. Smith

Dave, Avanti? Just to let you know, the next time I roll up to the line, my bike is going to be plastered with Studebaker stickers. Now that says “FAST!” Avanti kinda sounds like a trademark infringement to me, and no good can come from that!

24 10 2009
Francesco Boscolo

Welcome to the antidecals club!!

4 11 2009
Marquis Jackson

And the Uber Bike has wheels that remind us 12(!) times that they’re made by Edge. The rest is so fantastically tasteful and then – NASCAR wheels.

4 11 2009

Ah yes. That is true. Some things were donated/lent to complete Uber bike for the show and the wheels were one of them. If I had been able to afford an hyper expensive set of wheels like that I may have painted those more tastefully.

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