Über Bike Finale

20 10 2009

Well she is done.    It was shown at Interbike.  I took some pictures and hopefully soon she will be ridden by her new owner.   This frame needs some explanation but I will reserve that for the end as not to bore you.

Now for a bit of explanation.

The frame is predominately made of KVA stainless steel tubing.  Akin to Reynolds 953, but made domestically and of a special draw for this bicycle.   Total bicycle weight is 14lbs complete.

The lugs are custom made from stainless steel as is the bottom bracket and most all the fittings.   The inlays are mother of pearl and Paua abalone.  The welded area which are actually silver brazed are covered in Palladium leaf along with some accents in 24kt gold.   The headbadge is pure silver with inlays of abalone and mother of pearl.    The paint is a natural pigment of lapis azule that was ground specifically for this project.  All the raw sections you see are bead blasted or polished stainless.  Overall it represents about 300 hours of work.

Hope you like it.





One response

31 03 2010
Sean Doyle

Dave, What a stunning creation. Personally I don’t really go for the elaborate finishes like the inlays etc. but the colour is rich and beautiful and the lugs/sleeves are amazing. Not to piss in your pocket but the fabrication techniques you bring to the frame building world are first rate, cutting edge and I draw a lot of inspiration from what you do. Well done sir!

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