Erik Noren, Peacock Groove Bicycles. The Jesse James of Bicycles

6 11 2009

Except a lot of those choppers suck  and Eriks bikes don’t. Erik recently posted a video explaining who he is and what he is about.   I sometimes wish I could be this candid.   Here it is in all it’s funny assed glory!  This is not appropriate for the office!

So, here is why I think Erik is cool.   First he has heart and does what he wants.   Erik has some real creativity and originality.   Something that is sorely lacking in our business.   In fact many builders hunt through the data book and copy something straight out of 1940.   Well that is all well and good if you are…..actually from 1940 but if you are 23 years old I have no idea in hell why you would do such a thing.

Erik explores themes that others don’t.   Bikes are meant to be fun.   We,  that includes myself take ourselves entirely too seriously.   The car guys have fun:

O.k.  I admit that is ugly as hell but at least they were thinking outside the box.

Except I really like this one.   Getting back to Erik for a moment.  It is refreshing  in a sea of frames made with 4 lugsets and painted the latest earthtone (which right now is a daring brown) to see something really custom and out there.

Love it or hate it but you can’t deny he is an original.