Mokume wedding rings

11 10 2010

Well, I have been working on a ton of stuff.  But that is just bicycles….Kind of old hat for me.  This was fun! and since I am getting married, timely.

Mokume Gane is translated as wood grain metal in Japanese and is an ancient technique that was often used on swords.   Here is my attempt.  I would very much like to practice more with this. It was a lot of fun and has a ton of possibilities.

Start with this:

Layer up the cake…

Bake at 1400 degrees for an hour….

Add some frosting and Bingo, rings….




3 responses

15 10 2010
Nick Marinelli

I love it!! Can I order one? How much?

16 10 2010

Ah schucks…Makes me feel good but I can’t sell something like this. Just way too busy and you would want a better jeweler than me.

I just saw Boones new website (he used to sell cool bike parts) Now he is in the ring business. Some nice Mokume stuff there.

18 10 2010
Nick Marinelli

ok thanks for the tip!!

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