Bicycle framebuilding classes

15 09 2014

Frame Building School FAQ's

I don’t want you to hunt around too much.   Here is a list with links of all the available frame courses that I know about.   Please, check your options.   I am confident that I offer one of the best frame-building experiences going.

United States:

  1. United Bicycle Institute  (2 weeks) (cost $3000) (4 to 1 student ratio)
  2. Doug Fattic (1 week to 3 weeks) (cost 2-week 1800+material-3-week 2300+material/Material 4-500 average) (3 to 1 student ratio).  Painting course and Painting services available.  Student lodging available
  3. Yamaguchi (2 weeks) (cost $2700) (3 to 1 student ratio)
  4. David Bohm (Bohemian) (2 weeks to 4 weeks) (cost $2995.00) (2 to 1 student ratio). Painting services and student lodging available. Animals welcome.
  5. Hot tubes (1 week) (cost $2750) (1 to 1 student ratio).  Painting services available
  6. Ant bikes (1 week or 6 weeks) (cost $3150 1 week or $30,000 6 weeks) (1…

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