My name is David Bohm.   This Blog is an extension of Bohemian Bicycles and also hopefully will allow for general ranting of which I consider myself to be extremely skilled.


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5 10 2011
Michael Murphy

Thanks for your expertise, David, and your report on the Rohloff Speedhub. My experience exactly, and a wonderful piece of kit for what I do (daily general riding and a couple of long distance tours each year).
May I bother you for another opinion? What is the best Eccentric Bottom Bracket that you can recommend for use with the Rohloff – one that is genuinely micro-adjustable?
Thank you.
Michael Murphy, Ireland.

23 02 2012
Chris Ginsburg

Dave… Please let me know if I can help you relocate to the SF Bay Area, (the Portland stepchild of the industry). I’d love to apprentice for you if you it didn’t involve moving out of state.

I’ve got a decade of vintage road bike restoration and I’d jump at the chance to learn framebuilding. I also have an art, sales & marketing and advertising background (plus I can drive commercial trucks!). And yes…. I love dogs. The two dogs I have won’t let me leave the Bay Area for AZ however…..as they would be panting…..really hard.

Please get back to me if you’d like to be a hippy on Haight street or a leather-daddy in the Castro and open shop in San Fransicko.


24 02 2012

🙂 So, let me get this straight. I can visit any time I want for about 250 bucks on Southwest airlines (love San Fran, don’t get out there enough) but you are suggesting I move to one of the highest cost of living areas in the U.S. with a nearly dead framebuilding scene where shop space is at a premium and costs a fortune. Nah, I think I will stick with the 70 degree days for 8 months out of the year and a place I can afford and just visit in the summer months to cool off and get some decent sea-food.

24 02 2012
Chris Ginsburg

It’s OK Dave…. The 10-gallon hat and rhinestone-cowboy boot look of AZ-zonies doesn’t work too well in SF anyway. Have you thought of making horse-with-wheels style bikes for the locals there? It also might be a good municipal sale to the local mounted police. And you could mount a gun turret to the head for the border patrol. 🙂

Anyway….yes, SF is spooky expensive. The cheapest, small store-front shop I’ve seen is $500K. Rent is about $2 to $3 a square foot for any commercial space. But there are also a lot of young, hip bike-centric people with tons of money. It’s not far off from Portland or Brooklyn. If UBI opened up here.. they would do silly money.

I’m looking to learn the biz and eventually introduce my own wacky ideas. I’ve been restoring vintage Italian race, English lightweights and constructeur bikes for a long time and have a deep love for lugs and fanciful engineering. Just trying to figure the best path forward.

My personal bikes: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/listing/user/m-theory

Anyway, thanks for getting back & good luck with your shop. I’ll be at NAHBS next week so if you’re there let me know & we’ll say hello.

take care,

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